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Yep. Music to your ears, we’re sure!

Our vibrant hub of Trufflers, tinkers and downright social media ADONISES are looking for more nerds to join our tribe. We’ve got two roles that we’re hiring for.

Account Manager

We are looking for an experienced Account Manager to join the team. Initially working freelance on a two month project, the candidate will be working across three accounts with an account assistant underneath them and a dedicated team of co-Trufflers for support across creative content, ads management and influencer campaigns. We would look to make this role permanent thereafter.

Must be outgoing, hardworking and able to manage multiple tasks with varying deadlines simultaneously. Attention to detail is hugely important and a meticulous understanding of spelling and grammar is essential - if you don’t know where and when to position your apostrophes…just no.

Freelance Creative:

If you‘ve got a good eye for design and are a Photoshop demon, TRUFFLE NEEDS YOU! Your role would be to deliver visual content according to the briefs set out by the Truffle Account Managers as well as to proactively suggest your own ideas for clients and for Truffle’s internal marketing plans. Content will primarily be for social media posts but may also cover newsletters and other marketing materials. You will be expected to manage your own time, adhering to deadlines provided by co-workers. We value your creative input and would love to implement any ideas you might have so we would encourage you to be forthcoming with your own ideas on how we can push the boat on the delivery of content!

If you feel you might be a good fit for Truffle, please send your CV and Cover Letter to Don’t forget to include something personal about yourself (hobbies, interests etc) so that we can get a feel for who you are – and don’t forget to follow us across all our social channels!

Snapchat - @trufflesocialuk

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