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Fashion Brands Killing it on Instagram

40 billion. That’s how many photos have been shared on Instagram since it first appeared on our smartphones back in 2010. In fact, that colossal figure of photos is now probably even higher than 40 billion, as Instagram boasts over 400 million daily users, who reportedly post a whopping 95 million photos per day.

No wonder Insta has fast become the favourite social media platform to use by celebrities, brands and pretty much everyone else on the planet – we can’t get enough of it!

The Fashion World’s New Best Friend

Aesthetically pleasing and charming photos, coupled with interactive stories that give another perspective to our accounts, have enabled Instagram to lend itself particularly well to the creative industries, including the biggest fashion houses.

Recent figures have revealed that social media users are 25% more likely to engage with a brand on Instagram than on any other platform, so it makes sense that everyone, from the Vivienne Westwoods to the Vera Wangs, are now sharing their work on the fun photo channel. No matter how established these top designers, stylists and retailers are, they have found new ways to make use of Instagram to market their brand even better and engage with a much more accessible fashion-conscious audience.

Blurred Lines

The last 12 months have been a great example of how blurred the lines are now between feeds that post content in the moment, giving their followers something totally unique to interact with, and those accounts that create overly contrived feeds with pre-planned posts and perhaps less imagination or spontaneity.

With so much competition out there and since Instagram also introduced a tricky little algorithm too, brands are channelling their resources (and revising their budgets and media spends!) more than ever. Delivering beautifully curated content, teaming up with the hottest influencers and taking advantage of Instagram’s predictable grid-like formatting by utilising patterns and bespoke colour schemes, there are a number of brands who are leaving their competitors in the dust.

Who knew that a row of three squares would make such an impact?!

Instagram’s Top Model

It comes as no surprise that 2017’s highest paid model, Kendall Jenner also happened to score this year’s most engaged Instagram post, with over 4.5 million users interacting with the star. Some of you might remember that Jenner also bagged the crown back in 2015 as well. However, in the last 12 months alone the reality TV star turned model has gained an additional 12.7 million followers, breaking previous Instagram records and proving just how rapidly the channel is growing.

With all of that being said, we are dying to share some of our favourite fashion feeds of 2017, which managed to strike the right balance between artistic content and marketing genius. Read on as we Trufflers bring you our Top 3 and explain just what they did to gain our attention and achieve the ultimate #InstaSuccess. @kendalljenner


French powerhouse, Chanel takes the crown of Insta Queen 2017, as the designer brand gained an impressive 7.4 million followers within the year.

As a classic brand, Chanel has managed to move with the times but still encompass its timeless and elegant routes. All brands should embrace this approach or they will likely be left behind.

Why we are impressed:

  • The brand shows elements of post modernism by combining both abstract art and design with more traditional photography, which demonstrates some serious depth and planning that goes into achieving a successful feed that consciously tries to appear uncontrived

  • Both French and English hashtags are utilised within the copy to support posts, which further confirms the confidence that the brand has in its global market and worldwide appeal

  • Calls to action are embedded within the final lines of copy to encourage users to visit the website, shop the latest collections or learn more about the brand ethics

  • Video posts are strategically edited to reinforce the level of craftsmanship that goes into each garment. This subconsciously reinforces Chanel’s positioning as an established luxury fashion house for a reason

  • The Chanel account doesn’t follow anyone, but has over 25.5 million followers. This reaffirms Chanel’s value, as it knows its own worth within a saturated fashion market

  • Interestingly, the feed sells a lifestyle to its followers, as well as products through its use of props, locations and colour choices. It is these specific choices that bring Chanel’s feed to life as the brand encourages audiences to actively participate beyond the picture



Sports and fashion brand, Nike has triple the number of followers than its closest rivals, with an astronomical 72 million followers.

Why we are impressed:

  • Nike was one of the first sportswear brands to embrace Instagram as a platform and make the most of the Stories feature. This we feel, may be the main reason behind its success, as they make use of new features and use the platform to its fullest. Truffle loves trendsetters!

  • The posts feature collaborations with some of the biggest influencers and sports ambassadors. Influencer marketing is becoming ever more popular as people look up to and relate to the stars used in the posts more than the brand and product itself.

  • Nike’s feed champions inclusivity and belonging by homing in on the sense of community and togetherness that sport can bring. This signifies to audiences that buying Nike sportswear will not only make them perform better, but will automatically make them feel a part of their community.

  • The feed puts a spotlight on a wide range of sports to widen the target audience further, while also using a range of models from various demographics and ethnicities to show the universal and global relevance that the brand has.

  • Nike’s expertly strong branding means that it is identifiable and recognisable to the masses. The established and consistent tone of voice and visuals often play on the famous Nike tick with different foods, landmarks and props.

  • The feed uses soft sell techniques. Rather than swamping followers with pictures of products constantly, Nike posts motivational pictures that encourage people to pursue their dreams. Consequently, this sense of drive has become synonymous with the brand and its most renowned phrase, “Just do it.”

  • The posts often have backdrops of famous locations, such as London Bridge, The Alps and The Sahara Desert. This allows followers to feel like Nike is going on a journey, truly embracing its global responsibility and promoting how unity is achieved through sport.



The hype around Dior’s ‘We Should all be Feminist’ campaign drove a very sudden and well deserved spike in Instagram follows this spring/summer. The campaign alluded to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s short novel, which made a statement on sexism’s position within modern day society and its surrounding cultures.

@harpersbazaar @dior

Why we are impressed:

  • The feed includes a thread of chain letters, which was a central part in the ‘And You?’ campaign. The campaign focused on subverting the negative stereotypes surrounding chain letters by spreading messages of love instead. Robert Pattison, Camile Rowe and Jennifer Lawrence were just some of the A-list stars who participated and drove media attention back to Dior’s social channels. The videos posted had simple short edits in black and white filters, encouraging focus directly on the stars and their letter.

  • Dior, like most fashion brands, uses Instagram’s simple layout to pre-plan 3 posts that complement each other visually to run across a line of the feed. This is what we Trufflers call the ‘Instagram Rule of Three’. The account explores both vibrant and darker tones, with a backdrop to compliment the product under the spotlight. This adds a burst of energy and keeps their followers intrigued to see what innovative ideas they will come up with next

  • The copy to support product posts offer audiences with background information into the design process and materials used to create the garment. This provides followers with further detail into the craftsmanship that goes into Dior products and positions the brand as a high-end fashion designer.


So what will 2018 bring?

When it comes to Instagram feeds, updates and algorithms, us Truffler’s cannot wait to see what 2018 holds. As we begin to plan our strategies for social media, we are keeping in mind that trends next year are leaning towards more personalised posting and even stronger video content. Although images are always important, prepare to see more videos and animated aesthetics than before.

But remember, social media is just as much about living in the moment as it is about aesthetics. So don’t fall victim to over-planning and play around with live posts too!

Which accounts impressed you this year? Anyone we should be following into 2018? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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